Educational Policy and Development Officer (EPDO) with ETBI, Megan Whyte, hosted a series of new staff induction webinars for ETB school teachers on ethos and the patrons’ curriculum, Goodness Me, Goodness You! (GMGY).

EPDO Megan said, “ETBI was delighted to host new staff inductions on Ethos and GMGY for teachers in Community National Schools, Community Special Schools and Community Hospital Schools this term. These annual professional learning opportunities provide teachers new to the ETB primary, special and hospital schools with the opportunity to reflect on how they can support the multi-denominational ethos of their schools by providing learning experiences with are underpinned by the core values of excellence in education, care, equality, community and respect.”

Almost 100 new teachers joined the webinars on ethos and GMGY. Through their engagement in the webinars, teachers engaged in collaborative activities and described the ethos of their new schools words such as inclusive, community-based, collaborative, equal, respectful and many more.

Learn more about GMGY at the resources below.

Goodness Me, Goodness You Curriculum