Education and Training Boards Ireland – Journal of Education 

The ETBI Journal of Education has been created to disseminate knowledge that informs practices in areas of interest and innovation as applied to or impacted in Education and Training Boards sector and the wider education community.  

With the aim of sharing knowledge from early years to lifelong learning, articles reflect a spectrum of topics from policy to practice and include discussions for impact and innovation, both within and beyond the Education and Training Boards sector.  

The journal offers two issues per year, published online through a professional hosting platform, and includes reflections, research developments, explanations of practice and research reports. 

Volume 1: Issue 1 November 2019

Student Voice

Volume 3: Issue 1 June 2021

Creativity: Learning Through the Arts.

Volume 2 : Issue 1 June 2020

Education for Sustainable Development

Volume 2 : Issue 2 November 2020

Irish Medium Education