Education and Training Boards Ireland (ETBI) is an association established to collectively represent the sixteen Education and Training Boards (ETBs) and promote their interests, which is recognised by the Minister for the purposes of the Education and Training Boards Act 2013. ETBI is the voice of the Education and Training Boards sector at primary, post-primary and further education and training advocating on behalf of and supporting members. ETBI consults and negotiates at national level on behalf of ETB members with Government Departments, Trade Unions and with a range of other relevant bodies and authorities. ETBI promotes the development and implementation of appropriate education and training policies, procedures and guidance for member ETBs and conducts research, devises, and delivers education and training programmes targeted at the general ETB membership.

The core values describe enduring, collective beliefs that ETBI applies to its work.

  • To seek at all times to promote the ethos of learning, education and training through quality and innovation.
  • To operate in an environment of trust, integrity and respect, which will guide and inform all aspects of the Association’s work.
  • To build relationships with staff, Member Boards and stakeholders, based on transparency and professionalism.
  • To respond in a fair and inclusive way to the needs of staff, Member Boards and stakeholders.
  • To provide services and information which are both flexible and balanced, ensuring collaboration at all times.

ETBI has identified core strengths of the organisation that will continue to be the focus for the organisation’s future programmes and resources .

ETBI core strengths are:

  • Education and professional development: Providing a wide range of high-quality education and professional development programmes, conferences and training opportunities to meet the needs of Education and Training Boards (ETBs).
  • Professional networking: Providing opportunities for ETB management and staff to build professional connections to support sharing of information and best practices across the various forums established and supported by ETBI. 
  • Resource materials: Developing high-quality professional resource materials (e.g. toolkits, manuals, advice notes and briefs) to meet the needs of the ETB community. 
  • Services for members: Providing services to support ETB members and address their professional needs. 
  • Representation: Representation of the ETB sector at national negotiations, external bodies and all other representation as required. 

ETBI is a central resource for the ETB members, providing, procuring, and coordinating a range of support services which are most appropriately and efficiently delivered at national level and is broadly divided into the three main pillars of Schools, Further Education and Training and Organisation Support and Development.

Schools consist of two Directorates, Community National Schools and Patronage at Primary and Post-Primary level established in 2019, and Post-Primary Schools. Instructional Leadership (IL) is a programme for the professional development of teachers and school leaders aimed at enhancing learning and teaching in our classrooms.

The Further Education and Training Directorate provides supports and services across five strategic areas, Work Based Learning, Quality, Active Inclusion, Planning Resourcing and Reporting, and Strategy and Policy.

The Organisation Support and Development Directorate includes ETB Legal Services Support, ICT, Human and Industrial Relations, Governance, Procurement, Public Sector Reform, Governance, ETBI Corporate and Youth Services.

As the representative association for the sixteen Education and Training Boards, ETBI interacts on behalf of Education and Training Boards with key national and international stakeholders, agencies and bodies including but not limited to the following: