Education & Training Boards Ireland

ETBI is the national representative body for member ETBs and negotiates on behalf of the ETB sector at various forums both within the education sector, the wider public service and at EU level.
ETBI’s Principal Object is to promote the development of education, training and youthwork in Ireland.

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Core Values and Principles

To seek at all times to promote the ethos of learning, education and training through quality and innovation.

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Core Values and Principles

To operate in an environment of trust, integrity and respect, which will guide and inform all aspects of the Association’s work

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Core Values and Principles

To build relationships with staff, Member Boards and stakeholders, based on transparency and professionalism.

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Core Values and Principles

To respond in a fair and inclusive way to the needs of staff, Member Boards and stakeholders.

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Core Values and Principles

To provide services and information which are both flexible and balanced, ensuring collaboration at all times.

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