There are two Schools Directorates in ETBI – ‘CNS & ETB Patronage’ and ‘Post-Primary Schools’. These two Directorates support Ireland’s 16 Education and Training Boards (ETBs) in a number of areas, including:

  • Teaching and learning
  • Governance
  • Leadership and management
  • Expansion of ETB schools
  • Patronage related issues
  • Patrons’ Curricula development and implementation

The Directorates also work closely with numerous external stakeholders, including the Department of Education (DE), other management bodies and relevant organisations.

The CNS & ETB Patronage Directorate supports the work of ETBs and ETB primary and post-primary schools across the sector on patronage and ethos related matters.  Some of the main work includes: 

  • Providing ongoing support to GMGY Coordinators  
  • Providing Continuous Professional Development (CPD) workshops on GMGY for CNS staff
  • Developing and implementing a Patrons’ Framework on Ethos for all ETB Schools
  • Providing ongoing training and support for CEs, Directors of Schools and Ethos Coordinators on patronage related issues
  • Developing and implementing a Patrons’ Curriculum for ETB post-primary schools 
  • Providing CPD workshops to teachers of Religious Education (post-primary) and the Patrons’ Curriculum.

The CNS & ETB Patronage Directorate support ETBs in the expansion of the Community National School model.  Some of the main work includes: 

  • Engaging with the DE and its agencies, and other external Bodies as appropriate
  • Overseeing the development and growth of the Community National Schools (CNS) model 
  • Providing ongoing support to ETBs with CNSs
  • Providing ongoing support to CNS principals

The Post Primary Schools Directorate advocates on behalf of and provides support for schools and the Director of Schools in each ETB.  Some of the main work includes:

  • Engaging with the DE and its agencies, and other external Bodies as appropriate
  • Contributing to national discussion on policy pertaining to teaching, learning and assessment on behalf of the sector.
  • Supporting leadership and management in ETB schools
  • Supporting ETBs in the implementation of policy in relation to innovation in teaching, learning and assessment.
  • Supporting governance of ETB schools, including Boards of Management, through the Directors of Schools, to ensure the effective implementation of policies and legislation as appropriate.
  • Developing professional development programmes, including CPD for practitioners in schools, to support the development of leadership, management, and organisational competences.