The ETBI Statement of Strategy 2022-2024 expresses a clear ambition for the ETB sector to lead in transforming the lives of people, communities and enterprise through education, training and youth work and sets six high level goals under the three strategic pillars of People, Partnership and Potential.

Cover Page of ETBI Strategy

Graphic showing strategy at a glance

Delivering for people and communities is at the heart of what we do, in areas such as workforce development, building capacity, being learner focused, supporting the provision of inclusive and accessible services.

  1. Promote excellence in education and training, supporting learner/participant outcomes.
  2. Invest in staff development to build professional capacity to lead and advance education, training, and youth work in Ireland.

Collaborating and building strategic partnerships are key enablers for us, in areas such as Shared Services, Youth Work, Building and Planning, Teacher Education, Further Education and Training and Schools.

  1. Foster a partnership approach, harnessing the strength of our forums and networks.
  2. Invest in relationships with strategic partners and stakeholders at local, national and EU level.

Education and Training Boards Ireland working towards a shared vision for the future in areas such as policy development, harnessing our strength and building the ETB brand.

  1. Lead the strategic growth of the sector.
  2. Improve the visibility, recognition and appeal of the ETB brand and the services provided to learners and participants.

The ETBI strategic priorities will be delivered through annual work plans. Progress will be monitored and reported annually and will be evaluated as part of an iterative process of continuous improvement.