This Digital Library is intended to provide access to digital resources that support teaching and learning practices and to enhance the educational experience for learners. The Digital Library will offer resources for supporting learning as well as providing a support tool for teachers, trainers, and instructors.  

The objectives of the Digital Library are:

  • to provide a cost-effective, shared resource to all ETBs
  • to improve learner access and experience,
  • increase the quantity, quality and comprehensiveness of online educational resources
  • to ensure these resources are easy to discover and retrieve for learners and staff in ETBs.

The key benefits of a Digital Library for the ETB sector will include:

  • availability of resources for new programme development
  • providing access to distributed learners (over a distant geographical area in the case of national apprenticeships),
  • facility to leverage a range of diverse and up to date learning resources required for programmes in a cost-effective model for the sector.