All FET COVID-19 News and Resources can be found on the Digital Library ‘Reopening and Induction’ page.

  1. COVID-19 documents: for documents relating to managing COVID-19
  2. COVID-19 videos: for videos relating to managing COVID-19
  3. General Induction Resources: for resources relating to the FET sector as a whole
  4. ETBI: introducing the roles and responsibilities of ETBI

Please find all relevant COVID-19 Documents below:

Reopening: COVID-19 Documents

Further Education and Training Activity January 2021

  • Details of restrictions to FET activity in January 2021 due to COVID-19

Further to this, note that Leaving Certificate and Leaving Certificate Applied students in FET are to have the same provisions as school applied. As such, further to the Government announcement 06/01/2021, all tuition including Leaving Certificate and LCA will move to being primarily online in FET.

FET Implementation Guidelines 2020

  • Practical guidance for FET Institutions to safely deliver teaching and learning activities drawn up ETBI and SOLAS, informed by public health advice and endorsed by the Department of Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science.
    Microsoft Word

FET Learner Induction (Word Document)

  • A framework for preparing FET learner inductions

FET Learner Induction as Gaeilge (Word Document)

  • As above, translated into Irish

DDLETB: Managing a COVID19 Outbreak in a School (PDF)

  • Tips for Directors of Schools for supporting school Principals support their schools

DDLETB: Managing a COVID19 Outbreak in a School:Tips for Principals (Word)

  • What to do after a case of COVID-19 is confirmed

Public Health Offices Contact Details: Outbreak in a School (PDF)

Public Health Department email addresses for COVID-19 queries (Word)

  • Preferred email address for use in relation to Covid 19 queries.

FET Sector COVID-19 Pathway Data and Referral Template (Excel spreadsheet)

  • A template to facilitate the collection of core data relating to FET Institution contacts arising from a Public Health Risk Assessment undertaken as part of the Covid 19 FET Sector Pathway

ETBI FET COVID19 procedures V1

  • This document provides guidance on the steps and processes to be in place across further education and training institutes to effectively and efficiently respond  to COVID-19 and includes prevention measures and procedures for responding to suspected and confirmed cases of COVID-19 on site.

Planning for the Remainder of the Academic Year 2020/2:1 Principles and Messages

  • This document provides guidance on Further Education and Training services provision for December 2020 and planning for the remainder of the Academic Year 2020/2021.

These resources will be updated continuously.