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ETBI, in partnership with Oide Technology in Education, ran a practical and informative webinar on Tuesday 21st May. The webinar was specifically tailored for the needs of ETB schools. The audience for the webinar was principals, deputy principals, digital learning team members, ICT post holders and teachers from Community Colleges, Community National Schools and Community Special Schools.

The webinar was structured so that it:

• reviewed the specifics of the ICT Infrastructure Grant

• explored strategies to make best use of the ICT Infrastructure Grant

• connected Digital Learning Planning with the Digital Strategy for Schools

• considered how to weave available digital technologies into all aspect of learning, teaching and assessment

• summarised the supports, including professional learning supports, available to schools

The webinar included presentations from the Senior Leaders in the Oide Digital Technologies team as well as a very practical panel discussion with principals from ETB Community Colleges and Community National Schools. The panel discussion was enhanced with the presence of ETBI personnel.

Below you will find a recording of the webinar, a copy of the slides used during the presentations and some useful links to a selection of online resources.