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Joint Statement from the Post Primary Management Bodies – SET Allocation Model

The Joint Managerial Body, the Association of Community and Comprehensive Schools, and the
Education and Training Boards of Ireland (Post Primary Division) would like to reassure parents
and young people with additional educational needs and disabilities that schools will continue
to support students within the revised SET Allocation Model. This statement sets out the
collective commitment to further developments of the profiling model and welcomes
engagement with the DE.
The post primary management bodies welcome the extensive engagement with the Department
of Education
on the revised Special Education Teacher Allocation Model for Post primary
Schools (Circular 03/2024). The following observations were agreed at a joint meeting of the
management bodies.

The SET Allocation Model:

  1. Addresses many of the shortcomings of the previous model.
  2. Reflects feedback from the post primary management bodies over the last number of
  3. Is more flexibly responsive to the evolving needs of students in schools, with an annual
    profiling allocation welcomed.
  4. Commits to a roadmap for future improvements to profiling model as outlined in the
    Circular 03/2024.
    The management bodies look forward to continuing to work with the Department on the
    roadmap for future refinement of the profiling model and welcome the commitment to the
    annual review process.