Staff of ETBI have a right to be treated with dignity and respect. ETBI is committed to ensuring that staff can work in a positive and safe working environment which is free from all forms of bullying, harassment and sexual harassment. To provide guidance and support, ETBI have appointed and trained a designated panel of Dignity and Respect Contact Colleagues.

The Panel of Dignity and Respect Contact Colleagues are employees of ETBI who have volunteered and are fully trained to provide support and information on the Dignity and Respect at Work policy to colleagues who may feel they are experiencing bullying, harassment and/or sexual harassment. 

The Dignity and Respect Contact Colleague acts as a listening ear and provides non-directive and non-judgmental support and information to employees experiencing difficulties of a bullying, harassment and/or sexual harassment nature on a strictly confidential basis. They will provide information on the range of informal options and supports available and also explain the formal procedures.

​​​​​​​Dignity and Respect at Work Policy