Values will be key to leading schools post-pandemic with Ukraine arrivals

Five in a row winning Dublin football Manager Jim Gavin shares lessons in leadership

Lessons in Leadership: Five-time winning Dublin Football Manager Jim Gavin (left) with Paddy Lavelle (right) General Secretary of Education & Training Boards Ireland at the ETBI Principals and Deputy Principals Conference in Clayton Whites Hotel, Wexford. Photo; Mary Browne

Addressing the first in-person Education & Training Boards Ireland (ETBI) Principals and Deputy Principals Conference in two years which took place in Wexford this week, ETBI General Secretary Paddy Lavelle stated that ETB core values will be key to school leaders as they face complex and dynamic challenges. “With our shared need for real connection post-pandemic and as the 16 ETBs coordinate Regional Education and Language Teams established to support those arriving from Ukraine, our values of community, care and equality have never been more important” he stated. “Whether it is welcoming Ukrainian children and their parents into our communities or treating all those who wish to attend or already attend our schools equally with respect and care, our core values help guide our school leaders to cope with the many challenges that can land at their door.”

Delegates were also treated to an in-person Q&A session with legendary Dublin GAA Football Manager Jim Gavin who shared his leadership experiences and the importance of vision, culture, team, and measurement. Speaking before the conference, he stated: “A team’s values and ethos are critical to their success and the ETB school values of excellence, community, equality, respect and care are a great foundation for building that success, no matter what challenges a school leader faces.”
The 300 registered attendees at the two-day conference attended workshops on topics such as admissions policies, managing gender issues in schools, child protection and the role of Boards of Management in teaching & learning.