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The Recommendations by Chairperson of the Expert Group on FT and PT Employment

In respect of the Report issued by Peter Ward Senior Counsel today, Michael Moriarty General Secretary comments ‘In noting the recommendations of Peter Ward, Senior Counsel, I wish to particularly welcome the recommendation for a more structured approach for medium and long-term planning of teacher provision so that there is a better matching of qualifications with the evolving subject needs of pupils. At second-level there is no control over entry to various disciplines at University/HDip. level. This has resulted in a shortage of teachers in some key subjects while there is over supply in others. This matter must be addressed urgently and without delay.

In the ETB Sector, where skills training in further education is a key priority of Government policy, there is an even greater need for the provision of new skills and this requires the need for constant recruitment of teachers with different subject qualifications to match the changing needs of the learner.

ETBI notes the acceptance by Peter Ward of the need for greater flexibility within the education system to ensure a better match between subjects taught and the qualifications of the teachers employed. In the context of this need for flexibility the Report notes the need for continuous professional development.’

Member ETBs will now give this Report further consideration.


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