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Statement from General Secretary, Michael Moriarty Re: Castletroy College, Limerick

The Board of Management at Castletroy College will meet tonight.

ETBs operate multi-denominational schools but also have a number of colleges (designated) which provide certain guarantees to the partner trustee.  The guarantees are provided without prejudice to the constitutional rights of parents and students over 18 years of age.

The school in question is a designated community college * and its joint trustees are Limerick and Clare ETB and the local bishop.  A model agreement governs a range of matters relating to the school including religious instruction.

The Board will meet tonight and will have regard to the model agreement in making a decision.

* A Designated Community College is an ETB school where the management of the school is governed by a specific agreement between the ETB and a ‘Trustee Partner’ – the local diocese and/or a religious congregation or other recognised school patron.  The Model Agreement refers to the agreement between the ETB and the ‘Trustee Partner’ – an agreement that as well as giving the ‘Trustee Partner’ a role in the management of the school gives the ‘Trustee Partner’ a role in determining the school’s characteristic spirit. While Model Agreement (Designated) Colleges involve a ‘trustee partner’ the ETB is the patron.


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