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Response to announcement on the return to school planning for September



Response to announcement on the return to school planning for September


The Association of Community and Comprehensive Schools (ACCS), Education and Training Boards Ireland (ETBI) and Joint Managerial Body (JMB) welcome the package of measures announced at cabinet today to facilitate the reopening of schools. The resources outlined have been delivered as a result of intensive negotiations between the education partners and the Department. The supports will assist schools in dealing with the practicalities involved in returning to school.


The reopening presents us with obvious challenges at school level and will not be without difficulty, but it is in the best interest of our students that they return and all in our school communities will endeavour to ensure that this occurs in as safe a manner as possible.


We very much acknowledge that these have been difficult times for our students and their parents, notwithstanding the great work that management and teachers have engaged in over the last number of months to try to ensure continuity of teaching and learning and to work through the calculated grades process.


In planning for returning to school the focus and importance placed on the wellbeing of all is fully supported by the management bodies. The entire school community has a role to play in adjusting to the return to school and in supporting each other in that regard. The resources being made available to staff and students by the Department are most welcome.


We would ask our students to enjoy the rest of their holiday, to act at all times in a responsible manner that will help inhibit the spread of the COVID-19 virus, and we look forward to welcoming them back to our schools.


John Irwin
General Secretary
Nessa White
General Secretary
John Curtis
General Secretary




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