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Press Release: Online recruitment portal opens for teachers considering return to Ireland

Web-based pilot set up by the Post Primary Schools’ Management Bodies and NAPD to match school vacancies with candidates

Minister McHugh welcomes initiative to promote opportunities at home

The Post Primary Schools’ Management Bodies and NAPD have today (Friday, June 7) announced an online portal to help streamline teacher recruitment.

Under the banner of the recruitment initiative will focus on connecting schools with teachers who are working overseas, making it easier to match vacancies with prospective candidates.

The online platform is being supported by the Association of Community and Comprehensive Schools (ACCS), the National Association of Principals and Deputy Principals (NAPD), ETBI, and JMB – Secretariat of Secondary Schools.

John Irwin, ACCS General Secretary, on behalf of the post primary management bodies, said: “The beauty of this new online portal is its simplicity. We are adopting a very simple recruitment tool to enable potential candidates to be matched with schools which have vacancies. Teachers are being given the chance to express an interest in returning home and applying for a job.

“It is the first step in adopting a more digitally focused approach to recruitment. It will also help to assess demand for jobs while at the same time identify opportunities for qualified applicants.”

Clive Byrne, Director of NAPD, said: “ provides a platform for us to build on.  This portal provides the opportunity to connect with teachers who are overseas with job opportunities at home. We will continue discussions to widen the scale of the portal.”

Joe McHugh, Minister for Education and Skills and Donegal T.D., said: “Many thousands of our highly skilled and dedicated teachers are working overseas, some of whom are considering returning to Ireland. Initiatives like this will make it easier.

“I’d like to thank the post primary schools’ management bodies and NAPD for seizing the initiative here and responding to the need for management bodies and schools to be more proactive in trying to source the best candidates.

“I am also delighted to hear about schools and management bodies promoting the next step in offering initial interviews on web-based video links, for those teachers’ resident outside the state”

Teachers will be given the opportunity to email contact details, a CV, preferred employment location and specialist subjects to the website. Schools will be able to confirm vacancies and forward current school application forms for teachers.

Administrators will process personal details and match potential candidates with schools which have vacancies, based on their geographic and subject preferences.

Standard job application criteria and recruitment procedures and circulars will apply in order for a potential candidate to qualify for an interview with a school.

Schools linking to will also be encouraged to provide initial interviews over video link, Skype or similar platforms.

Nessa White, General Secretary ETBI, said: “I welcome the opportunity to work with management body colleagues and NAPD to develop such an important tool which supports teachers in their journey home to the teaching profession in Ireland”.

Mr Irwin added: “The management bodies and NAPD are grateful for the support of Minister McHugh and the Department of Education and Skills.”

The new portal – – will be promoted among teachers and schools on social media platforms, while the website also includes links to tips and advice for teachers who are considering returning home.

Minister McHugh added: “Our teachers who go overseas play a tremendous role as ambassadors of our country and our education system, building on a strong educational legacy and reputation.

“Some of these teachers only intend to spend a number of years abroad, others take longer and some may never return. They all contribute so much to education and inspire younger generations at home and abroad and we should continue to work on initiatives to support them if they wish to return.”


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