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Leaving Cert & Covid-19 top ETBI National Conference

Leaving Certificate Accredited Grades Process and the Mental Health challenges of Covid-19 top agenda at ETBI Annual Principals’ and Deputy Principals’ Conference 2021

Over 400 School Principals and Deputy Principals registered to attend online leadership conference

Managing the Leaving Certificate Accredited Grades Process and the mental health challenges of Covid-19 will be two key themes explored at today’s Education & Training Boards Ireland (ETBI) Annual Principals’ and Deputy Principals’ Conference 2021.

Over 400 Education and Training Board (ETB) School Principals and Deputy Principals are registered to attend the online conference which is the second of  three online events on the theme of  ‘Supporting Leadership in Uncertain Times’.

Speaking in advance of the conference, ETBI General Secretary Paddy Lavelle reflected: “Over this past year, Principals and Deputy Principals have led their schools though one of the most uncertain times in Education. The redesign of teaching and learning (T&L) for the remote classroom and supporting parents in that new environment; guiding and leading teachers through swathes of complex guidance whilst remaining vigilant to the wellbeing of learners and staff requires courage and a belief in delivering on the promise of our shared core values of community, care, and excellence in education. I want to acknowledge the role of Education and Training Boards (ETBs) over this past year and their Directors of Schools, Principals and Deputy Principals.”

ETBI Director of Schools Paul Fields will lead the session on Managing the Leaving Certificate Accredited Grade Process 2021, where key support resources for Principals and Deputy Principals will be shared as well as a panel discussion on the experiences and lessons from last year’s process with ETB Director of Schools Adrian Flynn, Principal Sharon McGrath, and Deputy Principal Vivienne Hogan and how best to lead and engage teaching staff in this year’s process.

The conference will also hear that while Covid-19 restrictions resulted in some positives for our learners – the connection between parent and teacher has never been stronger – the challenges posed by the pandemic to mental health are significant. Tom Coleman, Health Scientist and Sleep Coach will lead a session on stress, anxiety, and the important role sleep plays in our mental health.

The third session in this Conference Series (April 2021) will address timetable, curriculum, and allocation management as well as Leadership in Community National Schools. The first session (February 2021) assessed the impact of Covid-19 and sustainable school leadership and wellbeing.


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