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Joint Statement from ETBI, JMB, ACCS and NAPD on Junior Cycle

Following a briefing this morning by Senior Officials of the Department of Education and Skills on the revised Junior Cycle Framework to parents, students and school management representatives, this statement is being jointly issued by ACCS, ETBI, JMB and NAPD.

We regret that the clarifications provided by Dr Pauric Travers were not accepted by the unions as a way forward. The reforms envisaged in the Travers Document provide an approach to curriculum and assessment that will improve the learning experiences of students.

Any such improvement in the learning experience requires the wholehearted engagement of teachers and Travers’ proposals provides such an opportunity.

Teachers are being asked to report to parents on the progress of their children. This is the core element of the proposal. This can happen through the school-based assessment element of the proposal.

We have confidence in the professionalism of our teachers, guided by the Junior Cycle for Teachers Support Service and the Independent Assessment Support Service. Teachers as professionals can assess objectively and effectively the work of their students and report student progress to parents.

We recognise that parallel to the school-based assessment a programme of objective state certification will continue through the State Examinations Commission.

We are clear in our minds about the resources needed for the successful implementation of the revised Junior Cycle Framework. We look forward as a matter of urgency to engaging with the Department Officials and the other Education Partners, including the Unions, to secure those resources.


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