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IVEA welcomes the Further Education and Training Authority (SOLAS) Bill


In welcoming today’s publication of the FET/SOLAS Bill IVEA General Secretary Michael Moriarty comments:

At long last the publication of this bill establishes further education and training as a sector in its own right with the same status as first, second and third levels. The establishment of SOLAS will ensure that further education and training is mainstreamed and now moves centre stage as a key element of the government’s reform of education and training in Ireland. This restructuring of further education and training must really be recognised as the most significant reform for decades.

Under the strategic direction of SOLAS the soon to be established Education and Training Boards will have responsibility for the implementation of training programmes across the entire sector. A significant additional function will be the empowerment of ETBs (currently VECs) to provide training programmes specifically for employment purposes.

IVEA on behalf of member VECs will engage constructively with all key stakeholders to establish a vibrant and dynamic further education sector in the context of this Bill.


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