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Increased take-up of Higher Level Maths bodes well for the future


Commenting on the 35% increase in the numbers opting for the Higher Level Maths paper, IVEA General Secretary, Michael Moriarty, highlights the following.

This is extremely welcome news, particularly in light of the recent report from the National Competitiveness Council, which raised serious concerns about Ireland’s underachievement in maths.

While the decision to award 25 bonus CAO points to those obtaining at least a D3, in higher level maths has made the taking of higher level Maths more attractive to Leaving Certificate candidates, the new Project Maths syllabus has also had an influence. Indeed, looking to the future, curricular reform is probably going to be the key to ensuring that our young people achieve to their capacity in the area of Maths, Science and Technology – three subject areas that will be crucial to our future prosperity and social cohesion.

The very significant increase in the numbers taking higher level maths this year should not distract us from the reality that much more work needs to be done in relation to maths education. In particular, the near 10% failure rate among students taking ordinary maths and the high numbers opting for foundation level maths give real grounds for concern.

Today’s results represent real progress and they should inspire continued reform.


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