Education and Training Boards Ireland (ETBI) – Further Education and Training (FET) Development Officer

Grade VII / Ref 10.24

Closing Date: Tuesday 23rd July 2024 at 12 noon

Interviews will take place the week beginning 19th August 2024

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A Competency Based Application Form requires you, the candidate, to describe some of your personal achievements to-date that demonstrate certain competencies (necessary skills and qualities) required for the position you are applying for. All question areas must be completed. A definition of a skill or quality is given for each competency. You are then asked to describe a situation, from your own experience, which you think is the best example of what YOU have done which demonstrates this skill or quality. It is essential that you describe how YOU demonstrated the skill or quality in question. You are advised to structure what you write so that you give specific information about what you have done – for example, do not simply say that “X was successful”, describe exactly what you did and how you demonstrated the skill or quality in question. For each example please include the following: (a) the nature of the task, problem or objective; (b) what you actually did and how you demonstrated the skill or quality (and, where appropriate, the date you demonstrated it) (c) the outcome or result of the situation and your estimate of the proportion of credit you can claim for the outcome. Please do not use the same example to illustrate your answer to more than two skill areas. Please note that, should you be called to interview, the board may look for additional examples of where you demonstrated the skills required for this post, so you should think of a number of examples of where you demonstrated each of the skills.