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TAKE 1 WEEK December 2nd – 6th

TAKE 1 WEEK December 2nd – 6th

TAKE 1 WEEK December 2nd – 6th

Embedding the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the Junior Cycle Curriculum in ETB schools. TEACH 1 LESSON ABOUT 1 SDG TO 1 CLASS DURING TAKE 1 WEEK

Tweet your images and activities using the #ETB_SDGS or email to . School is busy so keep going with your activities until December 13th

ALL schools who post (or email) their activities (big or small) using #ETB_SDGS  will be entered into a draw to receive a goody bag of SDG materials for their school. Good Luck!! Draw will be made on December 17th



Takes 1, Launched in October  with the help of Jack O'Connor outside the UN buildings in New York.
Jack said: “You can see that there is a widespread movement happening. People are no longer asking for change, they are demanding change”.

The TAKE 1 Programme commences with a training seminar for both teachers and school management, which will assist ETB schools to equip students with the necessary understanding of all SDGs, to take informed action. As part of the resource, each SDG has been mapped onto the Junior Cycle subject learning outcomes, demonstrating the existing potential within the new curricula.


Jack O'Connor - United Nations Youth Delegate for Ireland and former student of Desmond College (Limerick and Clare ETB).

One of the first school-based activities of the TAKE 1 Programme will see ETB teachers showcase current and new engagement with the SDGs in their classrooms during One World Week (December 1st – 8th). Teaching 1 lesson, about 1 SDG, to 1 Class Group over the course of 1 week, this awareness raising event will demonstrate the breadth of impact across all subject areas.

The importance and interconnected nature of each of the 17 SDGs supports the Framework for Junior Cycle, which provides the basis for post-primary schools to plan quality, inclusive and relevant education programmes. Schools will be asked to highlight their activities throughout the school and their own ETB on various social media platforms, using the #ETB_SDGS.

Speaking at the launch event, ETBI General Secretary Nessa White said: “The Education and Training Boards Ireland are delighted to develop and lead this programme for the ETB sector, to support teachers in engaging with sustainable development education. The student voice on concerns surrounding sustainability and specifically climate has grown stronger and we need to consider how we purposely address these issues in our classrooms”.


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