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FET Conference 2015

ETBs Building Individual Empowerment, Social Cohesion & Economic Prosperity in 21st Century

This inaugural conference will bring together those who lead, manage or coordinate Further Education and Training (FET) in ETBs to:

  • Discuss matters of common interest.
  • Facilitate collaboration in the building of an integrated FET service promoting individual empowerment, social cohesion and economic prosperity.
  • Provide an opportunity for practitioners to influence policy makers.

Across Europe FET is seen as the engine for human progress in the 21st century.
This conference will recognise and affirm the work of those working in the FET sector and address the following key questions.

  • What is the EU context for FET?
  • What contribution can the FET strategy make to modern Ireland?
  • How can the labour market be an ally in raising the status and profile of the FET sector?
  • How can ETBs provide evidence of the wider benefits of learning?
  • How can we build an attractive widely-understood profile for FET?


To register for the Conference click here.


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