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ETBI welcomes the revised Junior Cycle Proposals

Speaking today following the announcement of the details of the revised Junior Cycle Proposals, Michael Moriarty says, ‘I am pleasantly surprised by today’s proposals on Junior Cycle Reform.

Class-based assessment is central to the reform as is a greater focus on assessment for learning, improved reporting and feedback to students and their parents, and a commitment to promoting active and collaborative learning that will allow for a better balance between the development of subject knowledge and the development of important life skills and thinking abilities.

Another very significant element in the new proposals is a broadening out of the examinations at the conclusion of the junior cycle to assess all curriculum outcomes and not just knowledge.

The proposals are imaginative in many ways and open the door to the building of real collaboration and trust between teachers, school leaders, the Department of Education and the NCCA to really transform teaching and learning in our schools over the course of the next half dozen years or so, with one proviso: these proposals will not achieve what is envisaged unless they are appropriately resourced.

All involved in developing the proposals outlined today are to be congratulated.  There never was a possibility of reforming the Junior Cycle without the fulsome cooperation of the teaching profession and, hopefully, this will now be forthcoming.  In this regard, the decision of the teacher unions to ballot their members is a most welcome development.’


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