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ETBI Welcomes New Apprenticeships

ETBI Welcomes New Apprenticeships

On behalf of members ETBs, ETBI welcomes the announcement of 26 new apprenticeships, which are to be delivered over the next 15 months.

Commenting on today’s announcement, Michael Moriarty, General Secretary of ETBI states ;

Across Europe apprenticeships are acknowledged as vital elements in the economic regeneration of member states. That is most true in an Irish context where we need to substantially enhance the range of apprenticeships and traineeships.

Apprenticeships address crucial skill shortages across many sectors of the economy. What is particularly noteworthy about new apprenticeships is that there is no “glass ceiling” in these learning pathways as some are the equivalent of master degrees or doctorates.

The continued expansion of apprenticeships into new areas of the economy will enhance their image and profile and are a real option to academic-only learning pathways.

Industry wants more than qualifications; they want work- place learning experience and that is exactly what apprenticeships provide – good academic qualifications blended with dedicated skills and work- place experiences.

Finally, I am particularly pleased that four of our member Education and Training Boards are the proposed co-ordinating providers.

Note: The ETB lead providers on developing 4 of the new apprenticeship programmes, are 


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