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ETBI Welcomes JCSA as the new name for the reformed Junior Cycle

Education and Training Boards Ireland (ETBI) welcomes the Minister for Education and Skills Ruairí Quinn’s announcement today that the new name for the reformed Junior Certificate will be the JCSA or the Junior Cycle Student Award.

According to ETBI General Secretary, Michael Moriarty, ‘the new name for the Junior Certificate (Junior Cycle Student Award – JCSA) clearly conveys to students, parents and the wider society that the whole emphasis of the new Junior Cycle education programme is on individual student achievement and not on performance in public examinations as has been the case heretofore’.

‘The convening of the Working Group on Junior Cycle Reform this Friday, should, said Mr Moriarty, provide a forum where the concerns of all the education partners can be addressed constructively with a view to ensuring that the Junior Cycle reform programme delivers all desired outcomes within  a reasonable time-frame.’


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