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ETBI Welcomes ESRI Evaluation of PLC Programme Provision

ETBI Welcomes ESRI Evaluation of PLC Programme Provision

The long-awaited publication of the SOLAS-commissioned ESRI PLCS evaluation (Post Leaving Certificate) Programme Provision has been welcomed by Education and Training Boards Ireland (ETBI). The acknowledgment that PLC is a “well-known, well regarded and trusted FET brand” reflects the positive  impact that PLC provision has had on the lives and opportunities of over 32 thousand learners annually.

The ESRI research has provided a fair snap-shot in time of PLC provision. The strengths of PLC provision, including the sense of nurtured support and community provided by PLC management and staff, smaller class sizes and the positive practical learning opportunities offered to learners, was praised by current and past PLC learners who spoke with pride and fulfilment about their experiences of PLC life at the launch of the ESRI report.

ETBI welcomes the proposed establishment of a PLC Programme Improvement Advisory Committee. As key stakeholders in the provision of PLC courses, ETBI and its sixteen member Education and Training Boards (ETBs) are supportive of this approach and commitment to the improvement of PLC provision. The Further Education and Training (FET) staff of ETBI, the members of the ETBI Forum for ETB Directors of FET and the members of the ETBI Network for Principals of FET Colleges, look forward to working collaboratively and productively with other stakeholders to ensure that PLC provision realises its future potential, and fulfils its role in establishing the Irish FET sector as the best in Europe by 2026 for our learners.

Commenting on the report, ETBI General Secretary Michael Moriarty states, “There is much to consider in the ESRI evaluation of current PLC provision. ETBI will be engaging with SOLAS to review and address the various recommendations to improve education and training for the adult PLC learners. While PLCs have served Ireland well over the past 30 years, it is imperative that they are now improved further to deliver on the needs of all stakeholders.”

You can access the evaluation and the SOLAS  response below:

ESRI Evaluation of PLC Programme Provision ESRI PLCS evaluation

SOLAS Response to the Findings of the Evaluation of The National Post Leaving Certificate (PLC) Programme  SOLAS_PLC_review_Nov_R3

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