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ETBI Welcomes Education Minister’s Proposals for Altered Framework for Junior Cycle Reform

Education and Training Boards Ireland (ETBI) welcomes Minister O’Sullivan’s proposals to the second-level teaching unions to alter the framework for Junior Cycle reform. In talks that have been taking place between her Department and the second-level teaching unions, proposals have been put forward that recognise and aim to resolve the unions’ main concerns, as well as those of parents.

ETBI General Secretary Michael Moriarty states:

“ETBI exhorts the unions to give careful consideration to these compromise proposals from the Minister, which we consider both fair and workable. We respectfully request that the unions now re-engage with the Department and give their full support to implementing the much-needed reform of the Junior Cycle, which we feel now more considerably respects the concerns of the teachers, and is clearly in the best interests of the students.”


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