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ETBI Welcomes Budget 2016 Renewal of Investment in Education and Training

“ETBI welcomes the education provisions of Budget 2016 as representing a renewal of investment in education and training after years of retrenchment and cutbacks,” says Michael Moriarty, General Secretary of Education and Training Boards Ireland (ETBI). “This must be the start of a process of renewal which prioritises our younger generation in the education and training system.”

Mr Moriarty continues:

ETBI particularly welcomes the allocation of additional resources to support school leadership, which has been a priority demand for school management in recent times. The enhancement of the capacity of school management by providing for more ex quota hours for deputy principals in schools which had not previously benefitted is most welcome.

Moreover, the role of guidance counselling at the core of post-primary education has been acknowledged, with additional resources allocated to this function.

Hopefully this is the start of a renewal process which will shortly restore the capacity of schools to fully support all students to fulfil their potential.

We also welcome the government commitment to extending the range of apprenticeships as represented by the increased financial allocations in this regard.

Our member ETBs will welcome the additional investment in summer works and minor works grants.

Overall, after five years of incremental cuts in education spending, this policy turnaround is to be welcomed. However ETBI will continue to campaign for further increased investment in education. In particular, we will be seeking government commitment for a reduction of the pupil-teacher ratio in post-primary schools, as has been provided for primary schools in Budget 2016.


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