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ETBI calls for early implementation of recommendations of the Review of the Apprenticeship system

The publication of the Review of the Irish Apprenticeship system has clearly identified weaknesses and gaps in the current system but also makes significant recommendations.  ETBI welcomes these recommendations and calls for early action towards their implementation.

ETBI General Secretary, Michael Moriarty says “For many years the Irish apprenticeship system has been out of sync with models elsewhere in Europe.  There is a read need for industry and enterprise to engage with the education and training sector as equal partners.  The direct linkage between education and training with industry must be copperfastened so that education and training remains relevant to the ever-changing needs of industry.  This alignment both regionally and nationally is long overdue and the Minister must now ensure there is no further delay in establishing such structures for relevant stakeholder engagement in order to align training with labour-market needs.

Education and Training Boards are keen to establish closer relationships with industry and enterprise, which now needs to become far more active in the education and training sector as is the norm across Europe.

The future of apprenticeship training must be statutorily guaranteed and ETBI welcomes the proposal to introduce legislation.

The proposed Apprenticeship Council can give real focus to the future development of apprenticeship training and can singlehandedly provide for the future expansion and implementation of the system of training and work placement.

ETBI welcomes the engagement of the key stakeholders of education and training and the industry-enterprise sectors in a structured manner which can provide for real ‘buy-in’ for all into course content, curriculum development and varying models of on-the-job training.

Minister Quinn is to be congratulated on commissioning the review, but now is the time for action.  ETBI looks forward to the publication of the legislation, the establishment of the Apprenticeship Council and the implementation of the reform promised in the apprenticeship and training systems.”


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