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ETBI launches Corporate Procurement pack for ETB Sector

National Initiative - ETB Corporate Procurement Pack and & Plan

A national initiative to promote best practice, good governance and compliance in the ETB Sector is being launched today in ETBI, Naas.

The ETB Corporate Procurement Pack and & Plan, developed though a collaborative project between ETBI, the Education Procurement Service and ETBs will be officially launched at a conference to promote procurement planning and compliance and shared simultaneously on-line. All 16 ETBs, along with senior personnel from the Department of Education and Skills as well as key stakeholders and education partners will address or be represented at the conference and workshop.

Nessa White, General Secretary of ETBI stated “I am delighted to welcome this initiative which provides a strategic and practical road map for ETBs as well as a toolkit for procurement compliance. The project was spearheaded by ETBI’s Public Sector Reform Unit and our colleagues in the Education Procurement Service with the active participation of ETBs.”

Note: The pack contents are available to registered ETBI members here: Corporate-Procurement-Planning

Corporate Procurement Planning


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